Home Office – Challenges and Approaches to Meeting Them

Working from home was becoming increasingly popular and widespread even before COVID-19. Now, many employers strive to apply it to their work organisation. But what are the challenges and how to handle them properly? Stoychev & Stoycheva Law Firm for Bloomberg TV Bulgaria discussed this excellent topic. You can find the complete interview by following

Amendments to the State of Emergency Act and New Employers’ Requirements

Today, 9 April 2020, amendments to the State of Emergency Act were promulgated in the Bulgarian State Gazette. Furthermore, the Minister of Labor and Social Policy introduced new obligations for the employers in view of limiting COVID-19’s effect. You can read more in our team’s legal review of these topics by following this link: Our

(Update) Legal effects from the measures against Corona virus

Today, 24 March 2020, the new Measures and Actions during the State of Emergency Act was promulgated in the Bulgarian State Guazette. The Act provides for various measures regarding the announced State of Emergency in Bulgaria with regard the the Corona virus. Along with the additional orders of the ministers, we have updated our Overview. You

Legal effects from the measures against Corona virus

In view of the anti-Corona virus measures in Bulgaria, Stoychev & Stoycheva Law Firm’s team prepared an Overview of the legal effects. The Overview of the legal effects can be accessed by following this link and is available in English, French and Bulgarian languages. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact


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